About me

My name is Cindy Olivia Panudju.My nick name is Cindy.. I school at Don Bosco 2. I dont have any brother and sister.. and I alone at home 😦 i have many friend at school,twitter,my space,and facebook.I make this site because this is my School project.i like dog cause they are cute nd play able..

at this time I have a boyfriend.his name is Ferdian hahha he is cool cause he cute and he very kind to me.. and that’s why i love him..

i hate law subject at school cause that’s hard to memorise and i always get bad score at that subject.i like mandarin cause that easy to memorise but if u wrong write the word its become wrong meaning too.. sometime i think mandarin its a little bit hard,but is not.aaha

  1. must be joking me

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