Sandra Bullock To File $20 Million Lawsuit Against Jesse James

recent report from Star magazine claims Sandra Bullock is looking to file a $20 million defamation lawsuit against her ex, Jesse James, for bad-mouthing her during his recent appearance on the reality series American Chopper: The Build-Off. Throughout the show, James referred to Bullock as “some Hollywood actress” and painted his whole experience being married to an actress in a negative light, saying, “I’m not what I became.” Basically, he just tried to insult Bullock and her lifestyle, hoping that maybe we’d forget what a jerk he is (although he’ll find no such luck with me).

But the beloved starlet can only be pushed so far and it looks like she’s searching for a way to strike back at her former flame. A source told the magazine that while the actress “has consistently taken the high road by never talking about Jesse since their split, I don’t expect her to play the shrinking violet forever if his jabs have secretly been causing her emotional distress.” Another insider went on to say how Bullock could hit James with a defamation suit, with one legal expert claiming that “asking for $20 million in damages would not be out of the realm of possibility…”

However, the legal expert also speculated that Bullock may choose not to pursue the lawsuit if James threatens to disclose more personal information about her. (Although I doubt America’s Sweetheart has that many skeletons in her closet.) But, defamation attorney, Aaron Morris, countered the possibility, saying, “If Jesse keeps revealing personal information about Sandra, she could also stop him by suing for invasion of privacy.” So there’s that I guess.

While no one would blame the Hollywood movie star for taking such serious action, I have some doubts as to how reliable these sources really are. For one — the sources kept using words like “could” and “possibility” which implies that nothing is definite, and for the other — Bullock’s rep denies any legal action is actually taking place. Sure, sources can be knowledgeable (once in a while) and reps can lie for their clients, but there seems to be too much speculation for any of this to truly be considered factual. But it’s still a fun idea to consider since we all know James would deserve it. Nobody puts Sandra in a corner!

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