SNSD YoonA Meets her Ideal Guy Takuya Kimura

On December 19, SNSD appeared on the Christmas special of Fuji TV’s “Hey! Hey! Hey!” with DBSK, KARA, BoA, and other top Japanese singers. The episode also featured Japan’s veteran idol group SMAP, marking the group’s first appearance in fourteen years.

YoonA had frequently revealed that her ideal man is Japanese singer/actor Takuya Kimura of SMAP. During the performance at “Hey! Hey! Hey!,” YoonA was finally able to meet her ideal man in person. When all the performers gathered onstage, netizens spotted SNSD standing behind SMAP. They also observed that YoonA, who was smiling brightly, couldn’t take her eyes off of Takuya Kimura as he talked with emcees.

Netizens who’ve seen the videos commented, “He really is her ideal man,” “They probably exchanged hellos onstage, “Japanese version of ‘The Boys’ is awesome,” and “The girls look even prettier when they’re in Japan.” Sorry, Lee Seung Gi, but it seems as if no matter how hard you try, YoonA’s heart will belong to this man…

Meanwhile, SNSD debuted the Japanese version of “The Boys” on the the show.

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