Scarlett Johansson Considers Getting Married Again

In Hollywood, your first marriage is pretty much considered to be a practice run more than anything else. And before you start to argue my claim, think about how many celebs have had a successful marriage on their first try. It’s hard to do, right? Granted, it’s not always just the couple who is to blame since having your love life poked and prodded at by the media can’t be pleasant or easy. But publicity comes with job in this industry, which is something Scarlett Johansson is slowly learning to deal with. In fact, the private actress opened up a little about her romantic life toPeople magazine this week and said she’s open to the idea of getting married again.

Of course, the starlet doesn’t have anyone in mind right now (although she’s recently been linked to Joseph Gordon-Levitt), but she’s learned at this point in her life to never rule anything out. When asked outright by the magazine if she would marry again, Johansson said, “I have no idea. I don’t X things off. I don’t know. Life is long.” And while that’s all sorts of vague, she goes on to say how she would eventually like to have a family of her own when she’s older, which implies another marriage is not only possible, it’s probable. But for now, she’s more than satisfied with focusing on her career.

And as far as all the previous media attention she’s received this year (from her nude photo scandal to her split withSean Penn), the actress takes it all in with a grain of salt. Johansson told the magazine, “It’s just nice to have kind of a blinder up in that regard. It helps keep you sane. I can’t follow all that stuff. It’s too exhausting.” But there’s one little thing she can’t help but let get under her skin — her coined media nickname ScarJo. Upon mention of the name mesh-up, she remarked, “Oh, it’s awful. It’s a laziness. People can’t actually say the whole name? It’s just bizarre.” So I’m guessing she wouldn’t be a big fan of Scaransson either, right?

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