Katy Perry Is MTV’s Artist of the Year

Each year, artists fill our iPods and car stereos with an array of chart-topping hit songs that we just can’t seem to get out of our heads (nor do we really want to). But in 2011, the female artists dominated the music industry. Between Adele’s best-selling album, 21, Beyoncé‘s pregnancy news, and Lady Gaga‘s extensive music videos, it’s amazing anyone else could keep up. But one artist managed to stand out above the rest and make the year not only tolerable, but unforgettable — Katy Perry.

In honor of all of Perry’s many accomplishments, MTV put a list together of the Top 10 Best Artists of 2011 and placed her name directly in the No. 1 spot. And who could blame them? No one shines quite as bright as our pink-haired singer. It doesn’t matter if she’s singing about aliens, out of control house parties, lost loves, true loves, being yourself — she never fails to present her fans with a sure hit. And why is that? Because she’s not only talented but extremely likeable, which makes it easy for fans to connect with her and her music. And let’s not forget herrecord-tying accomplishment with the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Yes, 2011 was certainly quite the year for Katy Perry, which explains why MTV chose to name her their Artist of the Year.

Following close behind in second place is Nicki Minaj, who gained an enormous amount of popularity throughout the course of the year with her catchy hit single, “Super Bass.” She even picked up a 2012 Grammy nomination for Best New Artist earlier this year. Additional female artists on the list include Adele (in third place), Lady Gaga (in fifth), Rihanna (in sixth), and Beyoncé (in seventh). And of course the male population wasn’t totally forgotten, withJustin BieberDrake, and Lil Wayne all earning spots on the list. To see the complete rundown of MTV’s Best Artists of 2011, click here.

But the recognition mostly belongs to the ladies for their many musical contributions throughout the year. Beyoncé said it best: Who run the world? Girls!

Click on the image below for more photos of Katy Perry!

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