Lady Gaga Reveals Stunning Sex Secret

Lady Gaga has revealed a sexual secret so shocking, no one could have seen it coming. No, this is not the reincarnation of the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumor.

It’s almost as weird, however. Almost.

The singer revealed in a new interview that she used to listen to her parents having sex. Not just once or once in a while, or even occasionally. Like all the time.

Lady Gaga in No Pants!

Stefani Germanotta spent her formative years listening to her mom and dad have sex because their Upper West Side apartment didn’t have any doors, she says.

No doors?

“My parents’ room and the one I shared with my sister were on the top floor,” the star says. “There are no doors on any of the bedrooms. My parents could hear everything me and my sister said growing up. And I heard them too!”

Not that she’s traumatized. Quite the opposite, in fact.


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