Jesus Christ! Fenton causes chaos in Richmond Park

A SOUTH London dog owner has become an unwitting internet celebrity after footage went viral of his out-of-control pet chasing a herd of deer through Richmond Park while he desperately tries to call the hound off.

The mystery man was caught on camera after his labrador, apparently called Fenton, spooked a group of the red deer that roam the park. When they bolted, the dog set off after them prompting an anguished response from the owner.

He can be seen chasing after his pet and the large herd of panicked deer screaming “Fenton! Fenton! Jesus Christ!” as they run across one of the roads that cut through the park, bringing traffic to a standstill.

A full-scale media hunt for the owner is now underway. Although most people find the video funny, it has been suggested that if and when the man is finally tracked down he could be charged with failing to keep the dog under control.

The video has proved so popular that the terms Fenton, Benton, Jesus Christ and Richmond Park all became trending topics on Twitter. ·

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