25 Hot Female Web Designers

When it comes to the web industry (or computer industry for that matter) men generally rule the roost. In 2007 A List Apart published their web design survey results and found that out of nearly 33,000 professionals who participated, 82.8% were malewhile only 16.1% were female (1.1% gave no answer).

Female Web Designers

However, as I browse the web today I’m finding more and more inspirational and creative websites from females across the globe. Just because there are more men involved in the web community doesn’t mean that the best stuff comes from us. There’s a certain elegance, beauty and tone that the female touch can add to a design.

I’ve compiled a list of 25 26 female web designers who I believe are hot at web design and whose designs are an inspiration to the whole of the web design community.


1. Larissa Meek


Larissa Meek

2. Veerle Pieters



3. Lea Alcantara



4. Jackie Ellse


Jackie Ellse

5. Jan Cavan



6. Bel Koo

Bel Koo

7. Shirley Ann

Shirley Ann

8. Mourylise Heymer Marreiros

Mourylise Heymer Marreiros

9. Rina(Honey Design)

Rina(Honey Design)

10. Sarah Parmenter



11. Emma Taylor


Emma Taylor

12. Cindy Li


Cindy Li

13. Gisele Jaquenod


Gisele Jaquenod

14. Grace Smith


Grace Smith

15. Melissa Hie

Melissa Hie

16. Caty Ng

Caty Ng

17. Natalie Jost

Natalie Jost

18. Inayaili de Leon


Inayaili de Leon

19. Kassy



20. Eva-Lotta Lamm


Eva-Lotta Lamm

21. Estibaliz Landa

Estibaliz Landa

22. Sabrina Dent


Sabrina Dent

23. Ali Felski


Ali Felski

24. Tanya Merone

Tanya Merone

25. Jen Germann


Jen Germann

26. Meagan Fisher


Meagan Fisher

Who have I missed?

I’ve only shortlisted 25 26 designers above so obviously there are a lot more out there. Feel free to mention yourself or someone else below in the comments.

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